Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bank Transfer Scam

From: Lottery Payment Co-ordinator. (c) 2011 (

Sent: Fri 5/13/11 1:32 PM



This is Mrs. Raymond here, I have been waiting for you to contact me about

your bank transfer, but got no response from you Am out of the country for a

business course and won’t be back till end of September. I left your Bank

(800,000.00 USD) Draft of Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars with

UPS in Malaysia, note that i have Paid for the Insurance Premium and Bank

Draft Clearance just to make sure you get your bank draft.

Contact UPS Immediately and make sure you reconfirm your Details below.



Phone Number;

Contact Info:

UPS Agent: Mr. Bruce Antonio.


Line: +60146461737

The only money you are paying to the UPS of Malaysia for the shipment of your

bank draft is (MYR: 345.00 Malaysian Ringgit) three hundred and forty five

ringgit only. I have to let you pay this yourself because i don’t know when

you will be in contact, in case of demurrage. The (MYR: 345.00) is for the

safe keeping of your Bank Draft.


Mrs. Rose Raymond

Former International Online

Lottery Payment Co-ordinator. (c) 2011

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