Photos and documents collected from scammers

They want money. YOUR money and they are willing to go to any lengths to get it. For this reason, spend money to obtain fake documents and photos. Sometimes, they use photos and personal documents (Drivers licenses, passport, other form of identification etc) DO NOT RESPOND TO AN EMAIL THAT YOU ARE NOT SURE OF. NEVER SEND THEM  PHOTOS OR IDS BELONGING TO YOU. Always search the internet and look for clues, if you are not sure of the email received.
I have to protect the images, because I don't want them to be copied and reused.

I will be posting some that I collected on this page. Stay tuned
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Scammer Karibu From Bukina Faso. There is also another photo with kids, he claimed to be his. I will not post those even if this photo is of the scammer himself, those little angels have nothing to do with it.

Fake document claiming to be from bank of africa

Fake document -Atlantic Bank Abidjan

Nancy, claim to be in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso. Looking for a husband, want to move to Europe or USA, need help to claim her late father's money, locked in some bank.

Celine from Abidjan. SCCAMMER!! Possibly a victims identification.

Scammer Document. Claims were to transport money from Europe to their victim's address. Possibly using a victims ID

Linda JAMA!!! Scammer Love interest , with some kind of twist LOL!

Celeine from Abidjan SCAMMER Bank transfer

Fraudulent payment slip from a Philippines bank

Maria From Philippines SCAMMER

NOTE: Some people use ID's and Photos of their victims.