Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We all receive emails claiming that we've won a prize,inheritance from a dead relative, love interest or some business transaction. Some are too good to be true, whilst some can are pretty convincing. By the time we are aware,money and some valuable information are already in the possession of the perpetrators. DON'T be a victim of internet scam or 419.

Original email address -

> Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:46:12 +0300
> Subject:
> From:
> To:

My associate has helped me to send your first payment
of $7,500 USD to you as instructed by the Malaysian
Government and Mr. David Cameron the United Kingdom
prime minister after the last G20 meeting that was
held in Malaysia, making you one of the beneficiaries.
Here is the information below.
MTCN Numbers: 6096147516
Sender Name Is = Patrick Lee Chun
  I told him to keep sending you $7,500 USD twice a week
until the FULL payment of ($820000.00 United State Dollars)
is completed.
  A certificate will be made to change the Receivers Name
to your name as stated by the Malaysian Government, send
your Full Names and address via Email to: Mr Garry Moore
to proceed.
  You cannot pickup the money until the certificate is
obtained by you.
Mr. Garry Moore.
Tel: +(60) 136910048.

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