Sunday, July 31, 2011


We all receive emails claiming that we've won a prize,inheritance from a dead relative, love interest or some business transaction. Some are too good to be true, whilst some can are pretty convincing. By the time we are aware,money and some valuable information are already in the possession of the perpetrators. DON'T be a victim of internet scam or 419.

Original email address -
> From:
> Subject: ATTENTION
> Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 13:34:06 +0930
> To:  
We are looking for receiving payment agent who will act as medium of reach
between our customers and us.
Their job is to receive payment from our customers within your country,
Our company will pay you $24,0000 as annual income, and you will get 10%
of any payment you receive on behalf of our company.
Please send us your personal information
Telephone No
Kind regards,
Andrew Johnson
This Communication is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient (s) 
and shall not attach any liability on the originator or Symbiosis Institute 
of Business Management.Pune If you are the addressee, the contents of this email 
are intended for your use only and it shall not be forwarded to any third party, 
without first obtaining 
written authorisation from the originator or Symbiosis Institute of 
Business Management.Pune
It may contain information which is confidential and legally privileged 
and the same shall not 
be used or dealt with by any third party in any manner 
whatsoever without the specific consent of Symbiosis Institute of 
Business Management.Pune

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