Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We all receive emails claiming that we've won a prize,inheritance from a dead relative, love interest or some business transaction. Some are too good to be true, whilst some can are pretty convincing. By the time we are aware,money and some valuable information are already in the possession of the perpetrators. DON'T be a victim of internet scam or 419.
 Vicent Cheng Union again LOL! Original email

> From:
> Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 06:23:05 +1000
I am Mr. Vincent HC Cheng. from HSBC Bank in Hong  Kong and 
have a sensitive and confidential brief from Hong  Kong.
I am asking for your partnership in re-profiling funds ($18.350.000)
I am contacting you because you live outside Hong  Kong.Finally, 
note that this must be concluded within two weeks.Kindly write back 
and i look forward to hear from you so I can give you more 
information about myself and the nature of the funds.
Please kindly reply to
Mr. Vincent HC Cheng

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