Monday, June 20, 2011

What the?? Ok! Some kind of Bank scam

From: Dr. Sambo Whitehead (
Sent: Wed 6/15/11 4:31 PM

FORM THE DESK OF CHIEF ACCOUNTANT NIGERIA NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NNPC) HEAD OFFICE NO: 16 NNPC HOUSE VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS NIGERIA EMAIL: TELE/FAX: 234-70-59797239, 234-1-8850178 DEAR SIR, It is my pleasure to contact you requesting for your bank account where we shall transfer the sum of us$23.8m, 000,000 for our personal use. I am the principal accountant with Nigeria national petroleum corporation (NNPC), Lagos, Nigeria. I am also the chairman of contract award committee in this same company my colleagues and i put ideas together and decided to look for a forging national who would assist us to receive the above sum to be shared for our own use including you. Importantly, be informed that this sum originated from a capital project my company Nigeria national petroleum corporation NNPC initially contracted to a foreign firm in 2007. the contract in question had since been executed and the main contract sum had been paid to the contractors while the above sum is being considered and treated on our accounting records as amount outstanding (due unpaid).only my colleagues and I are aware of the origin of this money. We therefore decided to transfer it abroad since we can not withdraw it here in Nigeria. Recently the board of directors has recommended that this sum be paid this quarter and that is why we want to use your name with bank particulars to wire the money into your bank account. In view of this, we want to assure you that there will be no risks especially on your side. Your interest will be protected adequately. We are aware that this fund would suffer value added tax (vat) both in Nigeria and in your country. We have made a provision to cover for the vat in Nigeria. Finally, for your services, we resolved that you would receive 25% of the total fund when transferred.70% will be for us while 5% shall be used to off-set all expenses to be incurred in Nigeria and in your country. Also this transaction is expected to last 15 working days. in addition, we would like you to keep this business top secret till we realize our dream. in addition to the bank account we are requesting, we shall be grateful to have your personal telephone and fax numbers for this business. my dear, on behalf of my colleagues and i, thank you for your acceptance in advance while we look forward to receiving your acceptance reply. Please reply me through my privet email Yours sincerely, Dr Sambo Whitehead

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