Sunday, June 19, 2011

Next Of Kin Scam


> Subject: Good Day

> Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 10:46:27 -0500

Dear Friend,

I hope my email meets you and your family in good health,

Please allow me to introduce my self to you. I'm Barrister
George Barnett from London, I was the personal attorney to
late Mr. Changpu F.Dingbang a citizen of china who passed
away after a critical illness. Mr. Changpu F.Dingbang was
a well known philanthropist, one who like's to care for
the needy without giving a second thought.

Before the death of Mr. Changpu F.Dingbang, he wrote a
will in our chamber stating that his £6,000,000 GBP(Six
Million Pounds ) should be donated to orphanage homes,
there is also a secret stipulation in the "WILL" which
states that after one year of his death a beneficiary will
make contact with me for the claiming of the funds.

But it has been four good years now and nobody had made
any contact with me to claim that he or She is the sole
benefactor of late Mr. Changpu F.Dingbang and it's my
ultimate ambition to execute the "WILL" of late Mr.
Changpu F.Dingbang, because for the past five months some
greedy governmental personnel are trying to confiscate the
funds. For this reason his bank has ask our chamber to
present the sole benefactor for claims of his deposit as
the law permits,otherwise the government of the United
Kingdom will convert the money to theirs.

You and i knows that there are lot of orphans out there
which this fund can change their life for good. This is
why i am solicitation for you to act as the benefactor of
late Mr. Changpu F.Dingbang so that the funds will be
process and transfer to you and your only obligation is to
disburse the said funds to orphanage homes.

All i requested of you is your trust and confidentiality
to make this deal a successful one. Please write back so
that i can provide further details

Yours Sincerely
Barrister George Barnett

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