Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fake Business scam email

Reply email

> Subject: very private from sgt.clark
> Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 08:16:57 +0100
> Hello,
> I salute you. May I ask for your permission to relay this piece of
> information to you ret military service in Iraq wish to disclose to you.
> I am SGT CLARK of the allied military service in Iraq. We have $15 million
> to invest in your country and the funds were secured in CASH in many trunk
> boxes during one of our raid operations in the area occupied by called
> CHEMICAL ALI, one of the former aides to late Iraqi president Saddam
> Hussein .
> We discovered many boxes containing cash of united states dollars in the
> operation and eventually, my self and two other junior officers were able
> to move one of the boxes containing $15MILLION out of iraq for our future
> investments through the missionary diplomatic service in Iraq. You can
> check this through the website
> Sir,as military officers, we have no permission to be engaged in civil
> operations, based on that reason, we decided to contact you for
> assistance. This project is risk free as no body in the allied military
> high command knows about the container.
> Rev.Frank Wills of missionary international assisted us to move the box
> out of Iraq through the missionary diplomatic service for safe keeping in
> a security firm. All we need to do now is change the deposit document to
> your name to enable you make the claim of the metal box containing the
> fund, we have agreed to offer you %35 for your assistance.
> Get back to me if you're interested in helping us to move the fund of to
> your country.
> Thanks,
> Sgt. Clark.

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