Monday, June 27, 2011

Fake business deal Scam Email

What consignment?? Fake money I guess

> From:
> Subject: From The Desk of Mrs Diana Rose
> Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 11:00:42 +0100
> From The Desk of Mrs Diana Rose
> 10 Bina Gardens,South Kensington,
> London.United Kingdom.
> Contact Person: Dr Diana Rose(Director)
> I want you to know that the funds was released and now USA. It was carried by our diplomat Tom Adams And the funds is now in USA at the present time. The funds are now lying with the diplomat who brought the funds to USA. The diplomat doesn’t know the content of what is in the consignment he brought to USA. On the documents that were given out to him he was told the consignment contains industrial items and documents. So please do not let him know the content of the consigment. Till its delivered to you and opened by you. You will be given the passcode to open the consignment box as soon as we comfirm its had been delivered and signed by you.
> When contacting him don’t let him know that the consignment contains Money, which he had brought to USA.
> You will be contacting the diplomat for the delivery of the consignment to you. Below its his contact information’s. You give him a call and let him know your location so that the consignment can be delivered to you.
> You also send to him your contact phone number and address with the below email.
> Name: Tom Adams
> Email:
> Phone: 509 214 2032
> When contact him you send him your address and phone number You give him a call. Its important you give him a call.You do what the diplomat tells you to do so that you can get your consignment.
> Thanks
> Dr Diana Rose(Director)

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