Sunday, June 19, 2011

Charity/ Non Governmental Orgaization Scams

List of emails sent by scammers pretending to be workers / member of Non-Governmental organizations. Some even pretend to be EFCC of FBI officials who are out to compensate individuals who were victims of scam. Note: Some of the email addresses may look authentic, hence convincing. Always contact your local authority if you are not sure or search the internet using keywords from the email.

Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 08:28:11 +0100
Subject: CALL DR.MIKE ANDREW: HIS TEL: +226 75 86 61 63.

Dear Beneficiary.

I'm writing to inform you that we have already sent your first payment of USD5000.00 dollars to your address this evening, through Western union as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full compensation payment total sum of (USD$1.5million) via western union by the Authorities of IMF/SENATORS COMMITTEE OF FOREIGN PAYMENT and the United Nations inculding the (ECOWAS committee).

Meanwhile, The first transfer of $5,000 was sent to you and I have listed the MTCN and sender's name so that you can pick up this USD5000.00 to enable us send another USD5, 000.Tomorrow as you know we will be sending you only USD5000.00 per day. Please note that the transfer charge of $5,000 is USD$125, so contact DR MIKE ANDREW, the director of western union payment department in Burkina Faso / Ouagadougou with the fee to enable him release the secret code and text question and answer for you to pick up your payment from western union of your country because the already transferred USD$5,000. Was placed on hold due to the activation Fee of USD$125 and call him immediately you sent email to him.

Contact Him Via his direct phone line is: +226-75 86 61 63.
Director Name; DR MIKE ANDREW

Try to email me once you pick up your money ok. Here are the western union payment details to pick up the USD5, 000 once you send the activation Fee then he will tell you to go any western union and pick up your fund.

Sender Name; Felix Jaime
MTCN: 2458815914
Amount Sent: USD5, 000.

I will be waiting to hear from you once you pick up this USD5,000,

Try your best and follow up the western union in instruction by sending $125 USD so that there will give you the information to pick up your first $5,000 USD.send them the fee to this information below:

Receiver Name:....Sani Kabore
country:.....Burkina Faso
Country Code:+226
Amount:.....$125 USD

Thanks you very much for your co-operation: Bear in mind that you can not pick up the $5,000 without there charge $125 dollars .Moreover this will be the only payment you will make in the matter,because the moment you send the charge , your payment secret code will be release to you.

Ms Princess Fatima John.
(Supervisor Western Union BURKINA FASO)
Regulated by the Delivery Services Authority

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