Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bank Transfer Scams

From: Ronald (
Sent: Fri 6/17/11 12:08 PM

Attn: Beneficiary,

I wish to inform you that your fund, $1,700.000.00(One Million Seven Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars) has been retrieved from the the Management of
the Courier Service and it has been returned under the care of the Management
of Bank of African, Benin Republic for safe keeping.

Meenwhile, be informed that your funds, has been bonded and sealed by the
Central Bank of Benin and authorization for the transfer of the funds to you
through a Bank to Bank direct wire transfer payment system has been issued to
the Bank of African today the 13th of June, 2011.

To commence the transfer of your fund to you, you are now advised to contact
the Bank of African immediately through their detail as you will see below
this message. They will be directing you on what you are required to do
immediately to ensure the successful transfer of your fund to your bank
account without further delay.

Thank you.

Mrs. Faith Ronald

Again, the detailed information is on, you should contact the bank.
Bank of African (A.O.B.)
Rue 012 Abormey Route, 1st East.
Cotonou - Republic of Benin
Contact Numbers: +229 97333053
Contact E-mail: []

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