Monday, June 20, 2011

Bank Transfer Scam Email

From: Debt Settlement Office (
Sent: Fri 6/10/11 3:32 AM
Dear Beneficiary,

As part of our security measures, we recently noticed a transfer of your Fund valued $1.2 million USD registered with your name from a temporary account,This transfer has been held pending and its original account suspended pending when the benefactor provided the NON - RESIDENT TAX clearance.

Therefore, you are advised to immediately reconfirm your telephone and current contact/receiving details to this e-mail address in order to provide you with secure and swift service, also NOTE that you will receive this payment by wire transfer to your nominated bank account or by sending you the initial ATM CARD from our LONDON OFFICE with strict procedures of this institution in accordance with the International funds transfer rules and regulations in avoidance of unhealthy intents and unnecessary delay, Send your information which they will use to send the card to you.

1::Your full name
2::Your home address were you want to receive your Atm Card
3::Current occupation
5::Your current home telephone number/mobile phone number
6::A Scan Copy of your identification

To release the account from suspension and allow the pending transfer to be completed, you are required to make asfca payment of the Non-resident tax of $105.00 Dollars to our cashier, for the immediate take off and simultaneous clear up discrepancy in your file to ensure that the payment reach your hand on time through a legal secure way, no other fees or delays of any kind may be initiated.

Send the money via western union money transfer or money gram and forward the information’s to us for easier pick up. As soon as we acknowledge the receipt of this payment, we will forward the contact of the paying bank in London and the tax clearance certificate to you, to enable you contact the paying bank for immediate release of your fund to you without any delay.

If you do not take action immediately within the next couple of days, the bank will foreclose the account and we shall repatriate your funds for confiscation without further recourse to you. Upon your respond i shall forward you the details of our cashier to remit the $105.00 as authorized.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. David Nbam
Debt Management Office International
Ecowas Complex, Benin Republic.

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