Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Next of Kin Scam

Sent: Thu 6/16/11 4:17 PM
I am Dr William McGill, The Computing Account Auditor of the United Overseas Bank
England. On the Month of January 2010 last year, My Bank committee on
Inheritance settlements approved and disbursed over Ј100,000,000.00 Pounds
Drafts to foreign Heirs of Late depositors’ funds in my Bank all over United
Kingdom. Payment to beneficiaries were successful paid legitimately from last
year to this present day of year 2011.This shows that beneficiaries whose
relations died and left over monies in their accounts with the United Overseas Bank
London has been paid successfully.

But there is still a single remaining unclaimed Payment Draft File worth
Ј8,500,000.00 Million Pounds sterling outstanding in my bank office
Beneficiaries files which were never claimed by anyone. I have checked all
files and investigated this payment but I found out there is no person to
claim this remaining Draft worth Ј8,500,000.00 million pounds.

All our investigation to get to the relations of this unclaimed payment is not
fruitful and if this money is not claimed before End of December 2011, my Bank
will revert the money to the United Kingdom Government Revenue Account and
then we will lose this opportunity.
I am contacting you to cooperate with me as a foreigner to claim this money. I
will replace your name as the Heir of the Money and file your name as the Heir
of the Ј8,500,000 Million pounds to you as the next of kin because you are a
Foreigner. My Bank will release this payment to you as soon as I provide them
with your information.
We will share this money by 50/50 each after you have received the money into
your bank account safely. This transaction is very safe and 100% Risk free. Do
not disclose this secret to anyone. Reply back to me immediately.

Best Regards,
Dr William McGill,
Bank auditor
United Overseas Bank of London

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