Thursday, May 26, 2011

419 scam emails Intro

Most of you must have received emails claiming that you've won a prize (Lottery), love interest or some business transaction that involves an offshore bank account with exorbitant amount of money.

In most cases, some of us fall for these emails and in the end, we send money to these people without getting anything they promised.

Don't think you are a fool for this as you are not the only victim. My aim here is to keep people on their guard about fraudulent transactions.

If you are reading this, because you've received such emails, please check my achieves. I will keep this blog up to date, as the pattern of these criminals change.

There are several sites that provide information of 419 scams. I will provide there links as time goes on or as they emerge.

This page will be updated frequently. I am currently collecting the 419 emails, but I will be providing links to websites that offer help or tools that prevent you from being scammed.

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